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project management services



Do you have a large project on the horizon, maybe an upgrade or a migration, or perhaps you need additional resources? Cover-All can help!

Our expert technical staff have extensive experience in all areas of project planning, management, and execution. Our knowledge is platform independent and our proven methodology ensures successful projects every time. We specialize in Operating System and Third Party (ISV) software upgrades. It is not uncommon for projects to require multiple revision upgrades to become current. Our platform knowledge and experience includes:

  • IBM System z (z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and z/LINUX)
  • IBM System i (OS/400, iSeries, Power Systems)
  • IBM System p (AIX platform)
  • UNIX based platforms
  • Windows/Intel based platforms

Other areas of knowledge and expertise include but not limited to:

  • Network Architecture & Design
    • Complex domain controller setup
    • DNS setup
    • Load balancers
  • Email
    • Exchange
    • Email migration
    • Email security
  • Disaster Recovery planning, execution, & support
    • HA (High Availability)
  • Managed Security
    • Dedicated FW services
    • SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)
  • Compliance services
    • Vulnerability scanning (IDS)
    • Penetration testing (IPS)
  • Database services
    • Certified DBA (Oracle, MySQL, SQL, DB2)
    • Site and DB optimization
    • Application and data migration

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