May 2009

May 2009




John Leonard


Toronto, May 2009 – a successful response rate (6.47%) was developed from a self-promotion mailing for the three brands under the Cover-All banner by using skills and expertise from across the enterprise. Cover-All, PostLinx and SMART DM initiated a lead generation program utilizing many of our internal skills. The concept was a draw in the form of an interactive on-line poker game where each record was randomly “dealt” a unique poker hand, but shown only two cards – to view the other five cards the recipient had to go on-line to play where they asked qualifying questions and we captured information about their needs.


  • Initial mailing
    • Custom double window envelope
    • Variable letter
    • Full colour variable brochure, die-cut and specialty glued for interactivity
    • Brochures for three market segments, selectively pulled by recipient category
  • Drive to web – response/game interaction
    • Welcome screen
    • PIN / Surname entry (used as verification) or could be PURL
    • Contact Information verification/capture
  • Response/Information capture (qualification) on-line
    • Interactive “play”
    • Capture additional qualification information
    • Final hand display
    • Participant ranking in game
    • Dashboard display
  • Immediate e-mail touch-point (upon completion of on-line component)
    • Recipient receives e-mail with hyper-link back to dashboard for ranking, response, etc
  • Follow-up mailing
    • All respondents sent follow-up mail piece with same creative concept
    • This indicates “all participants are winners”
    • A rep will be in touch to get you your prize
  • Lead review – using qualifications captured on-line
    • Internal review of information generated from on-line information gathering
  • Personal follow-up/introduction (rep)
    • Rep calls and secures face to face meeting to drop off premium


Universe: 3,573
Response: 231
Response Rate: 6.47%
Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Creative concept initiated by TCP Integrated
  • Lead Generation: drive clients & prospects to web using game play mail piece that mimicked on-line poker
  • We (Cover-All, PostLinx and SMART DM) then took their idea and added to it (its what we do), creating a more relevant package by suggesting the use of:
  • varying cards (our data guys actually “shuffled” a deck and created varying random hands for every player)
  • variable client contact images (like varying financial advisors at an Fund Company)
  • variable logos across our three document services divisions
  • matching this brochure to a personalized letter using OCR technology
  • self-mailer concept and creation – Horner facility
  • data – Clegg facility
  • image prep and touch-up – Clegg facility
  • letter prep, data and variables – Birchmount facility
  • selective brochure prep – Clegg facility
  • imaging – Clegg facility
  • letter folding – Horner facility
  • brochure folder-scoring and folding – Horner facility
  • variable brochure specialty finishing – permanent glue application and mailer creation – Horner facility
  • matching & selective insertion – Horner facility
  • web site creation – Clegg facility
  • web site automation – Clegg facility
  • account management – Clegg & Horner facilities

By using resources across the entire enterprise Cover-All accomplished a complex campaign that few other organizations would have the expertise to see through.

For further media information please contact John Leonard 416.354.4210

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