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Copy for direct mail is different than other kinds of advertising copy because it asks for a response – “Order now” . . . “Call 1-800” . . . “Fill in the order form” . . . “Click here”. These are all called a “call to action” and direct mail copy must always have a call to action. And this request for a response lets you know how well you did by the number of responses you get.

Because direct response copy is measurable, it also lends itself to testing. Mailers often create two or three different versions of the copy, mail it in test-size volumes and then roll out the large mailing using the version of copy that did best in the test. To truly maximize profits, this testing should be an ongoing process that never ends.

With all the testing that has been done over the years, a direct response copywriter usually has a very good idea of what will work and what won’t. He or she knows that there are certain power words that help motivate response – that there are certain appeals that work best. And there are certain devices, such as a “lift letter”, that nearly always boosts response. When it comes to copy, Cover-All’s years of experience ensure that your mailings will be the best that they can be.

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