Data Centre Services


For those clients that have determined they would prefer to keep their infrastructure in-house but would like to enjoy the benefits of a managed service, Cover-All has a solution for you.

Almost all of the services that we provide within our Data Centre can also be performed from our Data Centre remotely to your premises.

  • Cover-All will remotely manage the infrastructure environment of almost any hardware platform
  • IBM mainframe computing services (available on Z/OS, VM, VSE and LINUX)
  • IBM server iSeries (OS/400; dedicated and shared) and pSeries (AIX) computing services
  • All UNIX-based platforms
  • All Windows/Intel-based server platforms


  • Technical support
  • System monitoring
  • Network management
  • Performance and capacity management
  • Support help desk and hotline
  • Data warehousing technical support
  • Distributed systems management and support
  • Application management
  • Shared storage and backup
  • Business recovery technical support services
  • Professional services

Please contact us and let’s discuss how we can help.